We are McMan

Since opening its first program in 1975 McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association set out to be different. While operating its first group home, McMan's founders provided care in the context of supportive and understanding relationships. The home and everyone in it was encouraged to live by the guiding values of trust, security, giving and acceptance. Today, this framework still exists and is what sets us apart. It is a winning combination to foster learning in a positive environment and these conditions are ideal for people to realize their potential, and also thrive.

Over the last four decades, McMan has grown and evolved into a dynamic not-for-profit social service agency providing a comprehensive range of programs across Alberta. Earning a sound reputation from success stories and positive relationships, McMan has become well known for being a responsive, highly competent and innovative partner in service delivery. A diverse range of programs and services are accessible through local offices across Alberta to anyone who needs help. We believe that help from someone who cares should never be out of reach.

Genuine caring for each and every person who connects with McMan is how we make a difference. From our local board of directors to our professional staff and our volunteers, we care about what we do, we care about the people we serve, and we care about the society in which we live.

Our Mission Our Values
Our mission is our reason for doing what we do.
To support and encourage individuals and families to achieve their full potential as members of their community.
Our values are the guiding principles of our day-to-day operations and what shapes our long-term vision. We value:
Commitment | Trust | Empathy | Respect | Genuineness