Brooks & Area Collaborative Services

Collaborative Services - includes; In-home Family Support, Child and Youth Work, Supervised Family Time and Transportation.

In-Home Family Support assists children and families together in their home to preserve the family unit and prevent them from having to be separated. If children are out of the home, the intent will be to work with the families so that children are able to return to their home after services have been provided, understanding the urgency of reuniting families quickly.

Child/ and Youth Work provides coaching, support and assistance to youth to strengthen protective factors, choosing from a spectrum of services depending on the individual child/youth's needs. Services will assist children and youth to develop stress management skills, life skills that will help them transition successfully to adulthood, increase opportunities to develop resiliency and understand how to access resources, lifelong connections and support.

Supervised Family Time promotes safe opportunities for children and youth to maintain connection and healthy attachment with their family and other significant individuals in their life, whether that is extended family or natural supports.

Transportation services will assist in connecting children, youth and families with appropriate services and cultural opportunities, promoting a healthy self-concept and positive cultural identity.

Services will be provided to individuals and families referred from Children's Services.

Contact: Program Supervisor

Telephone: 403-794-1955

Funded by Ministry of Children's Services