Meaningful Daily Activity Program (MDAP)

MDAP is an exciting new program that welcomes youth who may not engage or succeed in the typical school programs available to them. As such, MDAP provides a flexible environment that meets each individual youth where they are at to provide them with the most meaningful day possible. MDAP's home-base is the McMan office, which features a youth drop-in centre and a large instructional kitchen. The youth drop-in centre features an audio-recording studio, art supplies, computer access, air hockey, Netflix, video games, and more. Examples of the opportunities available are vocational/job training opportunities, casual day labour opportunities, volunteer opportunities, tutoring and academic assistance, recreational and leisure opportunities, physical activities, life-skills instruction, mentorship and guidance, creative arts opportunities, cultural connections and activities, addictions awareness, harm reduction, and abstinence support, and connection with a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner, as required. MDAP is designed for youth who have had sporadic engagement or are resistant to attending school placements, have addictions or mental health concerns that are disruptive to their school success, have exhibited difficult behaviours, criminal involvement, and/or gang involvement, have cognitive delays, FASD, or other disabilities and require life-skills development and safety during the day.

Contact: Program Supervisor
Telephone No. 403-328-2488

Funded by:
Southwest Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (SWRCSD)